Raffles University Alumni Family!

“We have founded our RU Alumni Association in year 2018 as it was initiated by our much respected Campus Dean, Dr Tan Wee Chuen in order to bring back our “students spirit” even after graduation and campus life is over. The first committee sat on June 2018 to draft out the association’s likely direction, goals and various planning.The alumni association consists of students graduated from different batches, different faculties and now astonishingly in different expertise fields; they’re doing extremely well in their selected paths.

We would like to have our previous graduates glued to the university through this association thus render support in various forms back to the university and active students. Even though this alumni membership is autonomous where you will be automatically opted to be a part of this association upon graduating, the choice is still in your hand on being active or passive member of it.”

Mr Khartic Rao Manokaran 
President of RU Alumni Association

In Raffles University, graduating from RU does not mean the end of the relationship between the graduates and Raffles University. We treat every RU graduate as part of the Raffles Family by working closely with the RU Alumni.

Raffles University Alumni Association helps to maintain the relationship with the RU Alumni. It is compulsory for graduates of Raffles University to sign up to be a part of Raffles University Alumni, and they are always invited to RU to share their insights.

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